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The Media Project—The Entertainment Industry's Resource on Sexual Health

Letters of Endorsement

ABC :: Dawson's Creek :: Girlfriends :: Grey's Anatomy :: HBO Films :: Law & Order, SVU :: Lifetime :: Jack & Bobby :: Judging Amy :: SiTV :: Strong Medicine :: Queer as Folk :: The Young and the Restless


If you're reading this letter it's probably because you're thinking of collaborating with The Media Project on something and are wondering how they'll fare. Well, I can't tell you how things will work out for your company, but I can tell you that in the past few years we've come to see the players at The Media Project as a valuable resource for our team here at ABC. Furthermore, we've found the staff at The Media Project to be intelligent, informed and insightful.

The Media Project has offered up ideas, background information and focus group feedback on numerous occasions. Often times taking the initiative and coming to us to volunteer their services. Their staff is always pleasant, enthusiastic and quick to get back to you. In fact, everyone there seems to have a real passion for their work and a sincere commitment to the issues.

It's always awkward writing letters like this because you want the recipient to know that you are sincere, and yet you find yourself gushing accolades in a manner that may seem overly enthusiastic. Let me assure you, that it is with genuine affection that I endorse The Media Project's staff and resources. I have no doubt they will live up to your expectations as they have ours.


Carolyn Assa
Director, Public Service Outreach, Office of Corporate Initiatives, ABC

Dawson's Creek

Robin Smalley and everyone over at the Media Project have been an enormous help to us over the years. Each season they come in and talk to the writers and producers and inform us of growing trends in teen culture and especially issues concerning teenage sex. It's always invaluable, always enlightening, and always a huge asset to our story development. I can't tell you how much we appreciate
their efforts.


Paul G. Stupin
Executive Producer, Dawson's Creek


I want to thank you for all the assistance the Media Project has provided to the creative staff at girlfriends. Whenever we have tackled sensitive topics from HIV/AIDS to contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, the Media Project has been available with the research and background to ensure that our scripts have been both realistic and meaningful. Thank you for helping us educate!


Mara Brock Akil
Executive Producer, girlfriends

Grey's Anatomy

On behalf of the executive producers and writers of Grey's Anatomy I would like to thank you for your help with our upcoming episode, "Who's Zoomin' Who?" You worked at breakneck speed so that we could meet our deadlines. You gave us much needed information, facts and statistics. For this, we are grateful. But, your work with us didn't stop there. You took the time to understand how we needed to use the information and helped us to frame it in order to get the most dramatic bang for our buck.  That makes The Media Project invaluable to us.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Klaviter
Director of Research, Grey's Anatomy

HBO Films

HBO Films is honored to receive the 2004 Corporate Special Achievement Award from The Media Project. As filmmakers, we feel that it is our responsibility not only to entertain, but to inform and educate, as well. We have always welcomed the opportunity to bring daring, honest and accurate depictions of social and sexual issues that concern our viewers as a whole. We, in turn, salute The Media Project for its efforts in providing helpful information to the industry.

Colin Callender
President, HBO Films

Law & Order, Special Victims Unit

I've had the fortune to be associated with the Media Project for several years now, dating back to my time at ER. The staff is always helpful and their zeal is based in the selfless desire to inform the public.

Currently, I am Executive Producer of Law & Order, Special Victims Unit. The Media Project has made it their mission to keep our show informed and up to date with the problems facing our youth. This allows our stories to not only be topical, but informative as well. In their pursuit to educate, the staff is always available—and if they don't have the answer, they'll find it for you immediately. Law & Order, SVU is proud to be a partner of the Media Project, as am I, and we very much look forward to the upcoming SHINE Awards.

See you there!

Best always,

Dr. Neal Baer
Executive Producer, Law & Order, Special Victims Unit

Lifetime Entertainment Services

Just a note to thank you again for taking a look at the enclosed script, "Inappropriate Behavior." I feel that you provide such a valuable resource and share our commitment to depicting teens in an accurate and compassionate light. Since we often tackle issues in our movies which involve teens and their parents, your help is so appreciated.

I felt that your summer breakfast on teen boys was incredibly insightful and provocative and has helped quite a bit in the development of one of our scripts which deals with teen sex. Based on that morning, one of the male characters was fleshed out to reflect the complexity and pain that the boys spoke of on that day.

Having your organization make sure that we accurately depict the issues teens face is key in these volatile times. We are able to reach out to teens in a non-adversarial and compassionate way by creating characters who resonate for them.

Thanks again for your continued support. You help us all to be the best that we can be.

Warmest regards,

Libby Beers
Vice President, Original Movies

Jack & Bobby

On behalf of the Executive Producers and cast & crew of Jack & Bobby, we would like to thank The Media Project for continuing to provide us with excellent and prompt assistance for several of our scripts this past season. Your professional and timely responses to our questions helped to enhance the content of our critically acclaimed series, and we are grateful to your program for being available to us.

Having your organization assist in our honestly and accurately depicting the issues teens face is so important to our vision for this show. On behalf of Jack & Bobby, thank you again for your excellent support and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Mickey Liddell
Executive Producer, Jack & Bobby


I am very pleased to write a letter commending the Media Project for their continuing involvement with Judging Amy. Robin Smalley and her staff have provided a stream of information pertinent to ongoing themes Judging Amy pursues each week on network television: adolescent sexuality, sexual misinformation, trends in juvenile law with regard to rape and assault, juvenile offenders tried as adults, sexual abuse, and unfolding developments in adolescent gender identification and/ or sexual orientation, amongst many others.

The Media Project is particularly helpful in identifying national trends which, in turn, help us to identify what stories are not only pertinent and interesting to our audience but need telling.

We cherish our relationship with the Media Project and hope it continues into subsequent seasons.

Hart Hanson
Producer, Judging Amy

Queer as Folk

The writers and producers of Showtime's hit series Queer as Folk would like to acknowledge the valuable resource on sexual issues, especially among youth, that The Media Project has provided for us.

Now in its fifth season, Queer as Folk features gay and lesbian issues including hustling, safe sex, people living with HIV/AIDS, hate crimes, and coming out of the closet. Through it all The Media Project is handily there for us when we need research or statistics to pair with our creative vision.


Ron Cowen
Executive Producer, Queer as Folk

Daniel Lipman
Executive Producer, Queer as Folk


Thanks for making our special World AIDS Day episode of SiTV's "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner" a dynamic program. The Media Project's informative statistics made this show relevant to our youth (18-34) demographic. Our viewers needed accurate and current information about AIDS and HIV infection as this issue affects their generation more and more. You helped us do that and we thank you for your support.

All the best for 2005 and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Glenda Shaw

Rodrigo X. Gonzalez


As Co-executive producer of Strong Medicine and on behalf of the show I'd like to thank you and the Media Project for taking the time to meet and talk with me and our writers and researcher. Your advice and guidance has helped us develop stories, which we believe are informative, educational and entertaining for our audience. We look forward to your continued support and assistance.

Very truly yours,

Jeremy R. Littman
Co-Executive Producer, Strong Medicine

The Young and the Restless

All of us at The Young and the Restless want to express our sincere gratitude to The Media Project for the wonderful assistance provided to us in research underlying our storylines. In particular, I want to thank The Media Project for the aid offered in helping us to develop our powerful Kevin–Lily storyline, for which we were honored with both The Media Project’s SHINE Award, and the Sentinel for Health Award in 2004. Receiving these awards was a tremendous honor for our show, and we could not have done it without the background information and research connections made available to us through The Media Project. We take pride in having the opportunity to develop drama that impacts people’s lives. In the case of our Kevin–Lily story, we had an opportunity to look at the effects of Kevin’s antisocial behavior on a young, vulnerable teenage girl, but we also delved into the causes of Kevin’s negative behavior. What in this young man’s life had made him the way he is? What opportunities exist for him to be able to curb and control those behaviors? Can one ever overcome the scars of one’s past? The Media Project has been an invaluable resource in helping us delve into these issues, in looking at them from the viewpoint of both victim and perpetrator. Our story was made infinitely richer by the assistance offered to us by The Media Project.

As a writer working in the highly influential realm of daytime television, I believe that the first step in solving a problem is learning to understand the problem, both its causes and effects. Only by understanding the forces in Lily’s life that made her so vulnerable to Kevin can we learn how to help her, and how she can help herself. Only by understanding the life forces that have made him the way he is can Kevin begin to overcome his negative behaviors. For Kevin and Lily, the journey has begun. It is our hope and belief that others, watching, will have learned to understand themselves better as well. This is what makes our work so worthwhile. Once again, let me thank The Media Project for your constant support and assistance with the work we do.

Kay Alden
Headwriter, The Young and the Restless, CBS-TV

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 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd #237 ● Studio City, CA 91604 ● P: 323.318.0825● E: healthytv@themediaproject.com


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