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The Media Project—The Entertainment Industry's Resource on Sexual Health

About The Media Project—Mission & Strategies

Advocates for YouthMission

Advocates for Youth has long recognized the educational value of television. For over 20 years, Advocates' Los Angeles-based Media Project has worked with the entertainment industry to place sexual health information and responsible sexual health images on television. The Media Project, located in the heart of Hollywood, has had a significant impact on such popular television shows as E.R., Dawson's Creek, Felicity, Moesha, Boston Public, Strong Medicine, and Judging Amy, among many others. Last year alone, the project was directly responsible for helping the industry to include accurate sexual health content and relevant story lines into more than 40 episodes of various popular television shows, reaching well over 30 million Americans.

Advocates for Youth is the only national non-profit organization focusing exclusively on adolescent reproductive health in both the United States and in developing countries. Advocates' primary focus is on providing information, training, and technical assistance to educators and other youth-serving professionals, policy makers, the media, and youth activists about what works in adolescent sexual health.


  • The HELPlineStaffing a "hotline" for the entertainment industry, the Media Project provides prompt assistance in researching sexual and reproductive health issues for television and film writers, producers, and directors. Statistics, background material, research data, referral to experts, script consultation, and support in crafting storylines are available to the more than 100 shows that contact the Media Project's Helpline each year.
  • Tailored Meetings with Producers, Directors, and Writers and with Network ExecutivesSystematically identifying television shows that it might benefit, the Media Project meets with writers, directors, and producers of top programs, providing tailored technical assistance, ideas for storylines, and up-to-date information on sexual health issues pertinent to the individual shows.

    Staff also meets with network executives, encouraging network support for messages about respecting youth's right to act responsibly and about society's responsibility to provide youth with the information and services they need to make healthy decisions about sex.
  • Industry-Wide Informational BriefingsBridging the gap between the entertainment industry, sexual health experts, and teens, the Media Project coordinates three informational briefings each year. Always attended by more than 50 entertainment industry professionals, each briefing explores in depth a "hot" topic in teen sexual health. The briefings give Hollywood's writers, producers, and directors opportunities to speak directly with young people and other experts regarding adolescent sexual health.


The Media Project
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 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd #237 ● Studio City, CA 91604 ● P: 323.318.0825● E: healthytv@themediaproject.com


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