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The SHINE Awards—2002 Winners

The theme of the 2002 SHINE Awards was communication—communication between young people, between partners and between parents and kids. Hosted by one of FOX's star dads, Donal Logue ("Grounded for Life"), the event took place at the House of Blues on Saturday, October 19, 2002. You can view a Webcast of the event.  Simply choose a player for viewing the Webcast.

Please Note: This Webcast contains the uncut footage of the 2002 SHINE Awards program and is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Webcast of the 2002 SHINE Awards was provided by kaisernetwork.org, a free service of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The 2002 SHINE Awards winners are highlighted below in bold:

Comedy Episode

Becker "Let's Talk About Sex"—CBS
George Lopez "Curious George"—ABC
Grounded for Life "Let's Talk About Sex, Henry"—FOX
Sex and the City "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda"—HBO
Will & Grace "Loose Lips Sink Relationships"—NBC

Daytime Drama

As the World Turns "Abigail and Adam"—CBS
Guiding Light "Tony and Marah's Prom Night"—CBS
Passions "Personal Responsibility"—NBC

Drama Episode

Boston Public "Chapter 27"—FOX
ER "A River in Egypt"—NBC
Law & Order: SVU "Popular"—NBC
Queer As Folk "Episode 207"—Showtime
Resurrection Blvd. "Saliendo"—Showtime

Entertainment Special

The Laramie Project—HBO
Things Behind the Sun—Showtime


Primetime Thursday "Rosie's Story: For the Sake of the Children"—ABC News
Teen Summit "Naked Truth"—BET
Undetectable: The New Face of AIDS—PBS

Scene Stealer

Gilmore Girls "A-Tisket, A-Tasket"—The WB
Six Feet Under "Back to the Garden"—HBO
Strong Medicine "Control Group"—Lifetime

Series Storyline

Strong Medicine "Lu's Rape"—Lifetime
My Wife and Kids "Mom's Away, Parts 1 & 2"—ABC
The West Wing "Manchester, Parts 1 & 2"—NBC

Youth Program

Flipped "Safe Sex"—MTV
Nick News Special Edition: "My Family is Different"—Nickelodeon
The Proud Family "Hip Hop Helicopter"—Disney Channel

Spanish Language Novela

El Circo De Las Montini (The Montini Circus)—Television Nacional De Chile
Francisco El Matematico (Frank the Mathematician)—RCN Television Colombia

Spanish Language Talk/Variety Show

Chat "Saliendo Del Closet" (Coming Out of the Closet)—Mun2 Television, Telemundo Network
Marta Susana "Como le Digo a Mis Padres" (How Am I Going to Tell My Parents)—Venevision Intl. & Univision
Punto G "Sexo Diario" (Daily Sex)—Canal Once, Mexico

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