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The Media Project—The Entertainment Industry's Resource on Sexual Health

Stop Government Censorship in Hollywood


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Take Positive Action for Responsible Television (Take P.A.R.T.) to support accurate sexual health information and positive images on television.

Government intimidation of Hollywood has made many networks nervous about providing sexual health information and storylines in their programming. Some have begun to censor themselves—concerned about the ambiguity of FCC regulations and fearful of the tactics of an administration intent on promoting ignorance to keep young people from engaging in sex before marriage. But, many in Hollywood have had the courage to take a stand!

Current Action Alerts

March 2007

Friday Night Lights dealt honestly and sensitively with a young couple's decision-making about whether or not to have sex. The episode included accurate information about condoms; modeled good, honest parent-child communication; and responsibly and respectfully portrayed the issues faced by this young couple as they thought about becoming sexually active.

To send a letter in support of Friday Night Lights to the FCC, click here.

February 2007

Grey's Anatomy demonstrated that one supportive adult can make all the difference in the life of a young person.

To send a letter in support of Grey's Anatomy to ABC and the FCC, click here.

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency brought attention to the trauma many GLBTQ young people face when they hide their sexual orientation.

To send a letter in support of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency to Oxygen and the FCC, click here.

Past Action Alerts

May 2006

Without a Trace brought attention to treatments that can prevent HIV transmission from pregnant women to their infants.

America’s Next Top Model introduced the young modeling aspirants to the importance of speaking out on HIV and AIDS.

February 2006

Boston Legal depicted the tragic situation of a teen who was raped and then denied access to emergency contraception in the Catholic hospital where she was taken for treatment.

January 2006

Grey's Anatomy's "Begin the Begin" accurately depicted the important issues faced by intersex youth and their families in a creative, and sensitive manner.

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 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd #237 ● Studio City, CA 91604 ● P: 323.318.0825● E: healthytv@themediaproject.com


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